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As a business owner, always portraying a professional look is a must.  Whether you need to be transported somewhere or a very important client, believe it or not, how you get there does matter.  Although choosing a taxi service is not unprofessional, but showing up in a taxi half an hour late is.

When utilizing a private car service, their goal is to get you to your destination on time, safe and as comfortable as possible.  You want your client to arrive calm, relaxed and ready to close deals.

Taxis are more focus on making the buck, especially one that is metered.  Utilizing a metered taxi, you will find that there are other and longer routes to take to get to your destination, because the longer you’re in the taxi, the more money the driver can make.  For the taxis that are not metered, their primary focus is saving gas.  If there are people that need to be picked up going in the same direction as you, it would be more efficient to pick those persons up on the way.  This can make for an uncomfortable ride and can have you or your client irritated.  Being irritated and frustrated can cause you or your client to lose focus and make bad decisions.

Are you starting to see the difference now?

Without stating too much on the advantages of a private car service, you already see that choosing a taxi for your corporation, may not be a good idea.  Comparing the costs between the two, a taxi service may stand out, however, you’re paying for the experience.  Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”?  That statement is absolutely accurate.  If you want the following advantages:

  • Advance scheduling and planning.  Plan your transportation for your meetings or the transportation of a client from the airport months in advance.  You would know your upfront costs, so that you can plan your budget as well.  Your driver would be there at the scheduled time.
  • Multiple Fleets.  Whether you are traveling alone or transporting a group of employees, private car services have a variety of fleet sizes to meet your needs.
  • Transportation back to your pick-up location.  You don’t have to call a private car service to come back to pick up you, they can wait on you, so your transportation is seamless.
  • and much more, each individual company offers their own special benefits.

Then, paying a little more for a better and more professional experience for you or your client is priceless.