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Using a taxi or a car service depends on the nature of your trip.  Both perform very different roles that define them.  But you should know that the two main factors that differentiate them are:  service and equipment.  Service entails on-time reliability, driver professionalism, quality of communication, attention to detail, and travel comforts.  Car services tend to offer high-end amenities, while taxis tend to offer low or no amenities. Equipment refers to the vehicle itself.  Taxis typically offer standard furnishings, while a car service will offer luxury furnishings and have high-class “curb appeal”.

Reserving your travels with Private and Personal Transportation car service provides you a dedicated personal chauffeur and a luxury car that provides all the comforts you need while traveling:

  • Luxury sedan, with amenities like climate control, plush leather interior, and seating for 2-3 passengers with plenty of room for luggage
  • Chilled water bottles
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Backed by a 24/7 dispatch and reservation system, plus web-based online booking
  • Guaranteed on-time, or your transportation is free